How about a black and white blazer? Can Sasha find me one that I can wear at work and also for a night out? L


I feel like this is going to be just the beginning of all the black and white requests, so L, let’s get to it!

I was flipping through a bunch of New York Fashion Week street style snaps and saw Olivia Palermo in an awesome black and white blazer.  Of course, I stalked it and here it is.  And giddy the f-ck up it’s on sale right now!

For something similar and even more budget friendly check this one out from Pixie Market.

If you’re looking for something cropped then peep out this stellar one by Helmut Lang.  It’s got a great relaxed boxy fit yet still has structure in the shoulders and neckline for some flattery.

You’ll see this specific color contrast done quite a lot in stripes and L I’ve found a few great styles for you here, and here, and here and for a cheaper version click here.

For a more formal approach you can bust out in a tuxedo style jacket – take a look here and here. I’ll bet you Lainey has a hard on for these right now.  (Lainey: yes.)

Lastly, you can also incorporate the black and white trend into a pattern and florals and zebra prints are the way to go this season.   

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