Did you see Blake Lively wearing that black leather skirt with the zippers during the Allure photo shoot, where can I find similar options? L


Dayum. That girl’s body is banging. But L, back to the skirt – you’re right, it’s stellar. The only bummer is you can’t buy it anywhere yet, so I’ve found some other zipped out styles that should fill the void.

If you’re down with the pocked placement of Blake’s zippers then I’ve got some close copycat styles here (1), and here (2), and here (3).

Blake Lively's leather skirt options

Personally I like a side zip and L, if you like the look too then click here (4), and here (5) and here (6).

Blake Lively's leather skirt options

If what you want some easy access to your goods then screw the side zip and go for a full one down the middle. Get clicking here (7), and here (8), and here (9).

Blake Lively's leather skirt options

I leave you with my favorite and of course the most expensive. Bow down to this YSL beauty (10).

Saint Laurent Signature Motorcycle Mini Skirt with Chain in Black Leather

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