Hi Sasha! Do you know where Blake Lively's cream sweater is from?  OMG..... I love it so much!
Blake’s cardigan is by Autumn Cashmere – click here to snap it up.  It’s gorgeous and all, but I don’t know how I feel about dropping half a G on a cardigan.  So for my own sake I’m going to look for some cheaper options.

As you well know my fear of hemorrhoids is very real, and because of that I always like to have my butt covered at all times and this Free People will do just that.  Plus, it’s hella cute.

The Outnet is the sh-t when it comes to finding stuff on sale and I just found this great Rebecca Taylor sheer cardigan at half off.

Have you seen J-Lo’s Kohl’s collection?  Surprisingly it’s not that bad, but the description is the best: apparently the clothes “radiate beauty”.  Wow, even her clothes are up their own ass.  
Anyway, click here for a really great and affordable pointelle cardigan a la Blake.

Finally for a few more great takes on this look click here, here and here.