Sasha--Find Blake's gorgeous rainbow flats--ASAP! E

This is just one of the many lovely demanding emails I got from all of you about Blake’s shoes, so before things get ugly I thought I’d bump this question up on the list. People, you too can have these Louboutins for the cool price of $2,395.00.  Um, does that come with $2,394.00 rebate? If not, let’s get looking…  

I think we agree we don’t have “crystal encrusted” dough, right?  In order to get that rainbow bright look we have to go the stick-on sparkle route, so for some copy-cat styles click here and here. Oh and if you rip the tacky ass pompoms off these shoes, you’ll be in business.  

For just a splash of multicolored goodness take a peek at these glitter capped Jimmy Choos.

These next ones look nothing like Blake’s flats, but I love them and they have some crystal embellishment….just let me have this, okay?  

If none of the choices above gave you a style woody, then just go the plain ol’ glitter route - for that click here, here, here and here.

Finally if you’re one of those crafty people - I applaud you.  Also, how the hell do you have the time?  Either way, look at this adorable video on how to DIY your own glittered shoes.