Sasha, I've lost my most favorite sunglasses.  I need a new pair.  help me! A

There are a slew of sunny silhouettes out there right now, so who better to take a style cue from?  Yes, those rich ass mutherf-ckers - celebrities. I thought I'd narrow down some of my favorite looks that I’ve spotted over the last couple of weeks.  Shall we?

How in the world has Gwen Stefani maintained the face and body of a 20 year old?  Not even good plastic surgery can do this.  It makes no sense.  Anyway, the girl is high style 24/7 and she's been snapped on the regular in these Stella McCartneys.  They’re awesome. And if you’re up to play with a fun print check out Miranda Kerr’s staple shades here.

Aviators are like the little black dress of sunglasses - timeless and will never do you wrong.  Of course the brand of choice for every star out there is Rayban.  Mila Kunis has been running around town with these while dumpster diving with Ashton Kutcher.

The cat eye is by far the stand-out of the summer season.  Everyone from Natalie Portman to those sisters whose last name I’m not allowed to mention on this site, but rhymes with Blergdashians, has been sporting them.  Click here, here and here for some styles.

A, if what you’re looking for are some big ass paparazzi shades then peep out these  Dita Bluebirds that are Angelina’s go-tos.

Finally, a lot of you wrote in freaking out about the shades Kate Middleton’s been wearing at the Olympics.  You can all take a deep breath….they’re Givenchy and you can buy them here.