I just saw Young Adult and need the necklace that Charlize wears in it. I'm looking for something similar and not TOO expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks! L

It’s 2012 so I’m not going to waste any time - BOOM!  Here is the exact one Charlize wears in the movie and hurray! It’s only 49 bucks, so get clicking.

Now if you don’t want the exact necklace Charlize is wearing because the sight of her in those sh-t ass annoying Dior ads makes you want to set your eyes on fire then I’ve found a few love inspired necklaces that I LOVE!  

If ETSY was a human I’d have sex with it every day.  It completes me.  And of course a quick search landed me at this shop.  One day when I procreate I’m going to be a major sap and put my children’s initials on a necklace like this.    

In God We Trust is one of my favorite lines.  Super affordable, but what’s great is that it’s not your run of the mill sh-t.  Case in point: their heart necklaces - check them all out here.  My favorite is Eat a Dick but if that’s too uncivilized for you, don’t worry, they offer up much tamer sayings.  

How about a Morse code necklace that says ‘love’?  Come on, that’s pretty damn awesome.  

Finally, when I think of my favorite necklace of all time I can’t help but remember the one my sister gave me on my 13th birthday.  It was one of those necklaces that when you spin, you see the words I LOVE YOU.  Marc Jacobs has a version and it’s only a ten-er which has to be the cheapest thing he’s ever produced.  I’m off to make someone go buy this for me now, but keep sending your life and style questions my way! xx