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Sasha Posted by Sasha at December 15, 2011 18:45:35 December 15, 2011 18:45:35

Hi Sasha, My friend was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She is already tired and worn out from recently becoming a new mum, and now she has chemo added to the mix. I'd like to buy her some really comfortable, but still stylish, clothing for Christmas. I saw your post about Princess Tam Tam pajamas, but I'm thinking non-pajamas since it can make a difference psychologically to wear "real clothes", as opposed to staying in your pj's all day. I’m willing to pay up to $200 for a nice outfit or piece.  Thank you so much! KF

I want to bawl my eyes out.  I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, I really hope she powers through this!  And KF, what a great friend you are for stylin’ her up.  Okay, I won’t waste any time here because Christmas is only a few days away. By the way how the f-ck did that happen?!

I recently previewed the Hudson jean collaboration with ISKO and this would be perfect for her.  While they may look like your typical denim on the outside, the inside is lined with what feels like your favorite sweatpants.  Seriously, I’m talking next level soft. People are actually wearing them to yoga classes – they are *that* comfortable.  And I promise you, they don’t look like those heinous faux ones, they really look like denim.  These start around $150, which will leave you with a few extra dollars to buy some cute tees to finish off the outfit.  I’d hit up Gap for some great basic tops – click here, here and here.

The next thing I was thinking was of course a great pair of leggings and no, not Lululemons.  Joe Fresh would be a perfect place to hit up - they’ve got some great styles at crazy cheap prices.  So I’m thinking you could buy a few pairs for her to rotate during the week.  For example take a look at their riding pant and sweater leggings.  

Now if you want to up the style ante a bit more check out these ones from Ann Taylor – so good, right?  At 50% off right now (once you check out the discount gets applied) you can buy one more thing.  I was going to buy this top for myself today, but just in case you think your friend would like it, I’ll hold off.  It’s got that perfect refined leisure feel and the shorter sleeves would be easy for her chemo days.  If that’s not quite her style then another great piece would be something like this kimono cardigan.  And even more basic, but just as comfortable is the Lou top from Aritizia.  I can vouch for its comfort factor.

Lastly, I say go for jersey dress like this one from Alexander Wang.  His jersey/silk pieces are the BEST - so soft and beautiful.  It would be such a treat to open a gift and have this dress sitting in a box.  She can easily throw it on in the mornings and toss over a cardigan or a scarf and damn, if she can say she’s leisure-ing in Alexander Wang, well, that’s pretty baller!    To top it all off make sure to get her some cute slippers.  I know your feet and fingers can get really sensitive during chemo so these little moccasins would be great!

There are so many ways you can go KF, but I hope this has at least given you some ideas and inspiration.  I’m sure she’ll love anything you get!  Without being too cheese fest, the greatest gift is just your love and support through this process.  My stepfather has been going through chemo for the last 4 years and it has been such a tough process, but he’s always happiest when he sees our faces and I’m sure just having you there to lean on during this time will be all she needs. xo

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