Hi Sasha, can you help me find this necklace that Coco Rocha is wearing?? Thanks! M

When you guys send me your star style queries I usually have to troll the internet for hours to find what the f-ck you’re talking about, but this time, YAY!, I know what she’s wearing.  

This necklace was actually designed by Coco herself and what makes it even cooler is that she collaborated with this great foundation called Senhoa.  And what makes them so great is that they support victims of human trafficking by providing them employment and programs for empowerment.  Also, 100% of the proceeds go back to fund the Senhoa’s community development projects, which is amazing.  So, yah, not all fashion people are assholes.  And if you want the necklace you can buy it right here.  

Of course you can always count on a supermodel to be on trend and Coco is right on the money with the whole choker movement.  And no, I’m not talking your favorite puka shell or like, those sick elastic ones that Rachel Leigh Cook would always wear, okay?  What you should be keeping an eye out for though is something that’s a bit chunky and sits right around your collar bone.  Ready for some inspiration?

No doubt Nicole Richie has found her calling as a jewelry designer - House of Harlow is damn good, and this necklace is a perfect example of that.

Keeping with the whole tribal vibe check out this Fiona Paxton.  Um, mom, if you’re reading this…

Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle.  If that’s your kind of thang, then click here.  Whether it’s with a dress or peeking through a collared shirt, this necklace is something you’ll have for years.

I love this. That is all you need to know.

I’m a fickle bitch because I might love this one more.

Lastly for some jaw dropping holy-I-sh-t-my-pants necklaces look no further than a Canadian designer by the name of Maryam Keyhani.  Nothing really comes close to anything you’ll see here. Um, dad, if you’re reading this….

(Lainey: it’s true. I just looked at every piece and WANT IT ALL. Jacek… I KNOW you’re reading this.)