Sasha -  I love the look of colored jeans this spring/summer but afraid -  any suggestions would be much appreciated!! E

E, I also love the candy colored denim trend – it’s such a fun way to punch up your outfit without too much thought and effort.   And T, don’t fret over any dos or don’ts because at the end of the day it’s still just denim, so style as you would with any pair of blue jeans.   

Now here’s the problem, at least for me:  I like to keep my legs under wraps. So slapping a loud ass color onto your lower half leaves people no other choice than to focus on your thighs.  I’m not down with that.  Look, I work very hard disguising my problem areas so for a trend to blow them wide open just like that makes me feel sad and defeated.   

The other problem I’ve been running into is trying to find a pair that doesn’t show every cell of cellulite.  A lot of them are so light in hue and fabric that you might as well be wearing Saran Wrap.  To avoid this heinous reality, make sure you source out a deep rich color with more weight.  

E, I guess the point here is, if you want to try this trend go for it, but just make sure you find the right ones.  If it works out, great; if it doesn’t - don’t worry, there are a bijillion more trends this spring you can jump on.  To help narrow down the search though here are some starter styles you should give a whirl.

Jessica Alba is the queen of wearing this trend out. She recently strutted out in a pair of spearmint green jeans by Level 99. I will bet you that by the end of the week Lainey will own these.  I actually tried them on last month and I’ve gotta say they did the deed in coverage and comfort.  

If you want to go super bold and bright check out J Crew – they’ve got a range of poppin’ pairs.

Neon is as bold and as bright as it gets and if you’re a style showboat check out J Brand's line.

Mustard yellow is a good pick if you’re looking for some seasonal longevity.  Joe Fresh has a killer pair accessorized with cute ankle zippers, and oh, they’re hella cheap.

Good luck on your search! Xx