I’ve really done my due diligence on this subject so trust me when I tell you that Consonant Deodorant is the Mack Daddy of natural deodorants. It really has totally transformed my life.

I’ve been wearing it since the thick of summer all day, every day, to make sure it was the real deal and yo’, this stuff says straight N.O. TO B.O. And this is not coming from some light sweating, scent-free chick. If my pits aren’t protected, sh-t ain’t cute up in there.  

So here’s the 411. It’s made of bentonite clay, arrow root powder, silk amino acids and a bunch of other good stuff, all of which help absorb moisture, condition skin and keep the pH of skin at its optimal level. Now, I will say this about the product - there are two options: unscented or lemon scented and in my opinion one works and the other doesn’t. So make sure to hit up scent 001.

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