Can you get Sasha to find me a cool sweater?  Thanks C!


“Cool” is a bit vague, but how about I narrow down your search to a trend you’re going to see a lot of this season:  the geometric pattern.  Deal?  Deal.

It’s going to be a confetti of colors for fall so don’t be afraid to go bright.  For some style inspiration take a look at this timeless top from Madewell.

I think this Club Monaco sweater might be my favorite.  I love the little details like the ribbing, the colored cuffs and the DNA-esque splattered pattern.

Geometric and asymmetrical?!  I don’t think it gets much better than that. This Phillip Lim knit conjures up some really fond memories of a 13 year old me playing Tetris and eating a tuna sandwich in the hallways….which also reminds me that I had mustache. How’s that for cool?

Finally, I love me a big ass cardigan and I’ve found two (here and here) that I’m pretty sure I  could make a tent and live under until winter is over.