Hi Sasha, I really love the look of a cropped sweater except I don’t know how to find the right one.  I’ve looked around but nothing has stood out as anything all that great.  Can you help me out?  I’m 5’5 and pretty average in size.  Thanks L!


Let’s start things off with a couple of cute turtle neck styles!  First up is this soft textured Kimberly Ovitz from Shopbop; love the color, cut and ribbed detailing. 

Next up, peep out this luxed up one by No. 21.  It would be great over a dress (like it’s styled in the picture), but also just as perfect for a chalet chic inspired get up.  

Just because the weather outside is drab doesn’t mean your clothes have to be so L, if you’re up for a color boost check out some cheery styles here, and here and here.

Keeping up with the optimistic fashion vibe get print happy with some eye popping patterns here, and here, and this stunner here.

L, if you can pull it off then why not go with something a bit more loose and oversized?  If you’re into it then click here, and here, and here.   Throw on a collared shirt or loose plain tunic underneath and you’re set. 

Okay, fine, you just want something plain and no nonsense, right?  For that get clicking here, and here.

Thanks for writing in and keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming at me here.