Hi Sasha My honey just finished his PhD and is heading off to Oxford to begin his Post-doc. As a grad present I want to get him a set of cuff links but I just feel overwhelmed by the selection. He's not terribly stylish but he does like fashion and is willing to push the envelope from time-to-time.
Is there anything you can suggest or recommend? A


Admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about cufflinks, but I’ve curated a few for you that I think you’ll love.  Let’s get started.

Carole Tanenbaum is a vintage collector extraordinaire. Her collections are outrageously gorgeous so my first suggestion is to hit up her site here.  She has a slew of vintage cufflinks - everything from silver airplane jets (pg.1) to a pair of 1960 jade stunners (pg. 2).  

Like mother like son….Daniel Tanenbaum has recently launched his own of collection of kick ass cufflinks.  He sources matching vintage watch batteries from the 40s and turns them into the masterpieces (see pictures below)  No matter what your man’s style there is no way he wouldn’t love these.  You can call up White Toronto to put your orders in.

Next, a nice idea could be to personalize the cufflinks and I sourced two great ETSY stores that do just that.  Click here and here to check them out.

If all else fails, go designer.  Links of London and Lanvin both make some really fantastic cufflinks.  Don’t let the high end-ness scare you off because you can get in and out with a great pair for just under 2 bills.  

Happy Shopping! xx