Dear Sasha, I’m going to Spain at the end of August and I’m in desperate need of flip flops.  But nice ones, not tacky played out havaianas. I need something to wear in the sand,that can get dirty, but not look unstylish.  Help? C


I’m not gonna lie -- finding cute flip flops is a bit of a f-cker, but I’m up for the challenge! Ready? Jelly styled flip flops are kind of your best no mess around option. After a day in the sand you can hose those puppies down and they’ll be as good as new. Check out two styles here (1) and here (2).

Sasha Finds Cute Flip-flops

Animal print is great way to flirt up your beach get-up, and I’ve found you some of my feline favorites here (3) (also comes in zebra print), and here (4) and here (5).

Now, if you want to dial up the style notch then I’ve got you covered here (6), and here (7), and here (8), and here (9) and here (10).

Sasha Finds Cute Flip-flops

I’m not quite sure what category to put these (11) Curacao thongs under so I’m just going to file it under: must have.

Sasha Finds Cute Flip-flops

You’ve heard of TKEES (12), right? In my opinion, they are the flippin’ best. Slim silhouette, an awesome array of shades and styles, plus Angelina Jolie wears them all the time, so that’s pretty much a deal sealer for me. 

Hope I’ve found you something here that is the perfect fit!  Thanks for writing in and keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming in to [email protected].