Hi Sasha, I am going to China at the end of March and am looking for cute, comfortable travel pants that won't make me wish I had worn jogging pants for the 12-hour plane ride! Any suggestions?  Thanks so much! Jenna

Every time my homie and I get ready to fly somewhere he always gives me the “you’re wearing that?” eye-roll. Yes, I admit it, my airport style is wack, but if I can’t shape shift a thousand different ways in my seat, I freak the f-ck out. So J, I’ve got your back; here are some options.

I went into Diesel this past weekend because they launched a new denim line called the Jogg Jean.  You guys, they are jogging pants disguised as jeans - I feel like I’ve found the Holy Grail. They are the craziest, most comfortable things I have ever pulled over my stumps. I have no words - you need to try them. I’m serious, someone will need to fork lift me out of them.   

Now if you want to up the style quotient a tad then check out these J Crew jersey trousers. Rip the exact styling off this model by tucking in a stripped long sleeve cotton top and you’ll trick everyone into thinking you actually put in effort.

While we’re on the jersey train, peep out this great Michael Stars jumpsuit. This outfit choice is a no-brainer.  Oh wait I just found another jumpsuit that I might adore even more. Take a look here. (Lainey: that fits the comfort criteria…but…the thing with jumpsuits is this: peeing. I’m just saying you have to consider on a plane, on a long ass flight, if you’re the kind of person who wants to strip down your jumpsuit. Then again, you may not have to pee as often as I do. Carry on.)

I just saw a girl at the airport sporting the most adorable high waisted polka dot pants. They looked very similar to these ones from Forever 21; throw on a black sweater and some flats and you’ll be jet setting in style.
Finally if you just want some cheap-ass pants with an athletic appeal, take a look here and here.
Have a great trip! xx