“Perfect for when the morning is brisk, the cabin is cool and the evening campfire is not enough”

This is the tag line of one of my new favorite brands – Day by Granted. The Vancity company has prided themselves for decades in making some of the most beautiful hand woven knit sweaters around and with the launch of Day, it’s all about incorporating these knits into an everyday, seasonless staple. They’ve got six lightweight styles out right now with beautifully woven patterns of deer, whales and birds so yah, it’s a damn ass cute collection! And I’m telling you, the quality and softness is unreal. 

I’ve been wearing my vest on heavy rotation and I don’t know about you, but there’s something special and sentimental to me about wearing a heritage sweater – maybe it’s the history of it, maybe it’s because someone’s hands spent hours making it, or maybe I’m just getting my period .....either way, it looks great.

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