Sasha! Help!  I am completely obsessed with the green Derek Lam dress Diane Kruger wore earlier this year.  I'm tempted to up my credit limit to have it, but would appreciate some recommendations that won't break the bank.  Thanks for your help. J

Diane Kruger is a fashion wet dream; the only bummer is I could never ever pull off some of her getups.  Like, guaranteed I would look like a loser if I threw a skirt over a dress.  But J, that’s just me. If you possess the Kruger magic, more power to you.

First off, I’m hitting you up with the exact striped skirt Diane is wearing.  It’s a 10 Crosby by Derek Lam piece and while it’s not super cheap, it would be a lifer in your wardrobe.  However, for a more budget friendly option click here.  There you have it, so feel free to throw this overtop the following dresses:  Get clicking here, here, here, here and finally here. It’s all about the soft florals in Diane’s Derek Lam and all of these are all perfectly abloom.  

I hope you can twerk this outfit out and you better send me a picture!  Now before I sign off, I thought I’d serve up some more dresses.  What I love most about Diane’s is the beautiful green shade, so for a few dresses in that color wheel, keep reading.

For a flattering and easy dress, peep this V-cross one from OTTE. So simple but so stunning. And for more bang for your buck I also love how the model has thrown a top over and belted it for another look.     

Another great staple piece for your wardrobe is this silk crepe dress by DKNY.

For something with a more airy feel to it, check out this stunner by Rebecca Taylor.

Now if you want to get in and out on the cheap, then this ASOS skater dress has got you covered.  

Finally, if you have some high-brow affair that calls for a gown then take a look at this Alice by Temperley silk dress.  I have nowhere to go, but I’m contemplating getting a social life so I have an excuse to buy it.