Love these pants. Can sasha find something similar? T

Printed pants are still going strong for next season, however this time around they’re less about a drop crotch.  Instead we’re going to see a move towards a more tailored silhouette, so T, let’s get at it….

If you’re a fan of the Diane’s black and white color palette I’ve got a few style matches – click your heart away here, here, here, here, here and finally here

Busy geometric patterns aren’t everyone’s bag though, so if you’re looking for a milder print go with a polka dot.  It’s not too late to work this trend into your wardrobe, plus it’s a surprisingly easy and great anchoring pattern.  Click here and here for some dotted designs.

I have a soft spot for tie dye and T, if you do too check out these Thakoon silk pants.  Oh and they’re on sale now – race you to the checkout.

Don’t expect to say goodbye to florals anytime soon; they’re staying in bloom for fall.  For two flower power looks – get clicking here and here.

Lastly, I have to show you these kick ass camo printed pants from Michael Kors.  They look nothing like Diane’s, but come on, you can’t deny their fly-ness.