Dear Sasha, I saw Katie Holmes wearing an awesome double breasted coat that sort of looked like a suit jacket. I NEED IT! I don’t GMD budget so can you find me a similar style around $500. Please! J


J, I don’t know exactly which one you are talking about BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T ATTACH A PHOTO!!!! So you leave me no choice but to go rogue. But I do promise to stay within the parameters of it being within the double breast suiting trend.

Let’s start off with something super timeless - click here.  It’s chic, beautifully tailored and majorly on sale.  For some more basic yet still beautiful styles get clicking here, and here.

Navy and black is a hot color combo right now and this coat is stellar on all fronts.  Everything from the boyish boxy fit to the leather collar trim makes this a total winner.  And keeping on the contrast tip I really dig this one by ASOS. 

Farfetch is one of my favorite websites to hit up and holy crap do they ever have some good ass buys.  Feast your eyes on these stunners here, and here, here and here.

While it’s such a great time to buy winter coats on the cheap, spring is right around the corner so if you’re looking for something a bit lighter you might think about going the trench route.  Let me see if I can persuade you here or how about here?

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