A lot of you are foaming at the mouth over Drew Barrymore’s honeymoon sandals.  So I’ll cut right to the chase - they’re Margiela.  I scoured the world wide web and came up empty.  Buzz kill, I know, but don’t fret because I’ve found some great copy-cat looks. 

If you’re only out for the brand name then check out another pair of Margielas right here. And cha-ching they’re on sale right now.

Very similar in aesthetic are these Stella McCartney sandals.  The interest here for me is in the exposed heel, which we’re seeing a lot of lately in sandal trends.  Oh and for all you animal lovers out there, Stella’s with you – these suckers are vegan friendly.  
For another style double take, check out these Studio Pollinis.  Again, they have the same covered up look with just the right amount of foot cleavage peeking through. 

Finally, if what really caught your eye was the toe loop then here are a bunch of great styles. Start clicking away here, here, here, here and here.

P.S. Topic Change:  For all of you asking about of Scout Willis’ amazing totem dress.  It’s designed by a super swish LA designer by the name of Lindsey Thornburg.  You can buy it directly from her website here.