Sasha! My fam and I are going on an overseas trip next month and I'd really love a leather carry-on duffle bag that will hold all my stuff for what will inevitably be a very, very long flight. I need something that will fit under the seat in front, I'd like to still afford the trip after I've bought it ($300ish), and I want to like it enough that I'm not pissed about lugging it around. Too much to ask? Thanks! K


I sooo didn’t want to disappoint you on this task, but I’ve literally spent hours scouring the net to find you a leather duffle and ……nothing.  Well, nothing worth reporting back to you with. So if you ditch the hope of leather I have a few styles that still fit your budget and style requirement.

I’ll start with my favorite here. Here’s why I love it so much: a kick-ass pattern, you can buy the duffle and tote to hit your $300ish price point, and the style name is sorta like my last name.

Keeping with the zig-zag motif check my other standout here. And if you like patterns there’s no way you could reject a good polka dot duffle.

If you’re looking for some color take a peek at this from See By Chloe. However, if you’re looking for a hue that’s a bit less in your face then check out this great quilted grape bag here.

For something more streamline and timeless then this Dooney & Bourke is the way to go. So many great colors to choose from but I’m personally digging the black with the brown accents for that vintage luggage feel.

Finally, if after looking over all these links you realize that all you really want is a plain ‘ol duffle, then I have your boring ass covered here.

Thanks for writing in and keeping sending your questions to me at [email protected].