Listen up, the ear cuff is having a moment. If the sound of that doesn't intrigue you then, well, see you back here next week, butttttt if you're down, which I am too, then here's where to cop the best cuffs!

One of my favorite jewelry brands as you might know by now is Jenny bird. The chick is fly and is always in the style know so of course she's got some killer cuffs on deck. Three to be exact and for 60 bones you get a silver, gold and rose gold one. Mix and match, stack 'em up. Do. you.

Now if rocking it solo is your thing then look no further than the Peaceful People Shop. I bought the gold filled cuff for 10 dollars and I'm so pleased with the quality and fit.  Oh and p.s. if you're looking for a great mala then keep perusing this beautiful bohemian ETSY store.

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