If you ever googled how much lipstick a woman eats over her lifetime, you’ll find a bunch of conflicting reports – some say 1 pound, others 7 pounds. But errrrrr, is it just me or, like, who the f-ck cares - in my mind consuming any chemical or toxin in ANY amount is no bueno.

So with that said, here’s a way to pummel your puckers the au natural way. My people, I give you Bite Beauty! For reals, this company is legit as they come. The Canadian brand, sold at Sephora, truly has the most beautiful array of saturated lip colors out there and yes, each hand crafted tube is jammed with real ingredients, so like, I guess in theory if you wanted to eat the sh-t out of them, you wouldn’t keel over and die.  

The brand recently launched their Amuse Bouche collection, 34 creamy, lux shades and because my lipstick MO is always red, I tried all the shades and I give you my style scout’s honor that they are all amazing. So much so I can’t even pick a favorite, but if I haveeeee to, I’d go with Cayenne.