I’m not big on faux tans mostly because they suck. They leave you orange, streaky, not to mention they usually all have a nasty stank to them. But are you ready for a game changer? Because holy sh-t!!!

Australian brand Eco Tan Water is the mecca of GLOW!

The formula is as clear as water and goes on so damn easy. I promise – there’s no tenting and fumigating needed - all you do is plop some on to a cotton pad and just wipe it all over your mug and neck. Then take your ass to sleep and the next day, you’ll notice the perfect sun kissed hue. The best part is the formula is a gradual self-tanner so the more you build on it the more bronzed you become. 

And Dudes, it’s basically Mother Nature in a bottle. It’s packed with everything from Aloe Vera to Rose Germanium to Orange Peel – this stuff is the real deal and because of that it also has anti-aging properties that hydrates and evens skin tone.

(PS. I linked to the only place you can buy it in Canada, but if you’re in the US you can hit it up the brand’s site here)

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