Hey Sasha, I’m obsessed with emerald green!!! A blouse a dress or something! Pleaseeee!!! D


Wow, you sure do like that color and the use of exclamation marks.  Well D, you’re right on the money because Pantone actually named emerald green the color of 2013, so let’s jump on the fashion bandwagon, shall we?

If you’re looking for a casual day- in-day out top then take a look at this Monrow pocket tee. Oh, and it’s on sale so get on it!

For something a little more dressed up check out this blouse or this absolutely stunning floral printed Vena Cava button up.

As you well know, color blocking is here to stay, and for three styles that do the fashion leg work for you click away here, and here, and here.

Moving on to dresses…This simple one by Madewell will not only be a great wardrobe staple, but if any of you brides out there are looking for some bridesmaids dresses then this is a goodie!

If you don’t want to go full blown emerald then you can still give the trend a nod by incorporating the color within a print.  I’ve sourced out some stellar styles at varying price points – get clicking here, and here, and here and here.

Finally, if you like your hemline short and flirty then throw your stems into either this Shoshanna or this Opening Ceremony dress and you’ve got yourself a hot ass get up!