A few months ago, Lainey posted twit pics of herself rocking the MOST!  AWESOME!  BLACK LEATHER JACKET!  Which I need to have…..RP.

A lot of you have written in about Lainey’s leather jacket, and I hear ya. When she traipsed in with it a few months ago I wanted to curb her ass for it.  And looky looky, she’s also quite the trend setter because Emma Watson was just seen strutting around in the same one last month.  

So are you ready?  Lainey’s beautiful jacket is by Willow and you can buy it right here at Intermix.  Now if you’re like me and you need a more budget option, then I’ve got a few options that will be a little kinder on your bank account.

What makes her jacket so special is the peplum.  That pucker in the front and back is super flattering and this one by Adam does a great job at the look.  Super slim, simple, and very much on sale.

Victoria Secret keeps on surprising me with their clothing; I’ve never bought anything, but if you have let me know because I’m curious what the quality and fit is like.  Anyway, they have a great take on a peplum leather jacket right here.  The ruffles add a definite cute factor, so if you can pull off that kind of pretty, go for it.

For all my non-leather lovers, here is a faux one just for you.

Finally, I found a great version by Phillip Lim.   While it’s on sale, it’ll still cost you a pretty penny but if you want a good quality long lasting leather jacket, be prepared to cough up the dough.