Would love to know what dress Eva Mendes is wearing in these pics.  Regards, A

Eva gorgeous pleated dress is by Ivana Helsinki.  If you haven’t heard of her before I’d suggest perusing the site - it’s definitely worth a style jerk off if you have the time.  With that covered I thought I might as well help you find how to get the rest of Eva’s look.  You in?

First, let’s start off with her tent style dress.  It’s got a bit of a caftan feel to it, so for some similar billowy looks click here and here.  I also love her fluttered sleeves and if that’s what caught your eye too click here, here and here.

Let’s move our way down to the heels - Eva’s sporting Prada.  I can’t find the exact pair, but these are a definite fashion double take.  And while you’re at it check out these Gucci’s for some added shoe porn.  Now, you don’t have to bust out a heel in order to pull this off.  As long as you stay with a neutral tone to ground the look you can work in a platform, a sandal or even an espadrille into the mix.

To cap it all off you need to flaunt some fly sunnies – peep out some colorful options here, here and here.