This is my first time writing, but I LOOOVE ERW’s headband. Can you please track it down?! Thanks! M.

I don’t like to brag much, at least not in public, but I have to say that on my wedding day I wore a headband that was some serious next level sh-t. (Lainey: I was there. That piece was the motherf-cking most amazingess and brought us to our knees. Gisele could not have stepped to Sasha that day. Truth.)

My headband was absolutely the highlight of my day, well, of course, second to the whole nuptial thing. It was this sparkly jeweled hand designed headpiece by Jennifer Behr and if you’re familiar with her work then you know everything she makes is ridiculously beautiful.  Anyway, the reason for my back door brag is because ERW’s headpiece is a Jennifer Behr design as well. So M, click here and buy straight from her website.

Now that we’re on the topics of headpieces I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to two other designers that are of equal ‘the sh-t’ status.

First up is Lara Vincent. She’s a T.O designer who has some of the prettiest headpieces I’ve ever seen. What I love the most about her collection is the subtlety.  Somehow you can wear a full ring of roses around your head and not look like an asshole. I love everything about her collection and so should you.  

The other line that should be on your radar is Little Doe. Chase Cohl is the designer (she’s also a kick ass singer/songwriter) and good God her line is crazy amazing.  Granted you wouldn’t hit up the grocery store in one of her feathered pieces, but she does have some simpler, but still equally spectacular, designs. Also, take some time to look at her crystal necklaces….if I had a dick it would be hard.