I’m just coming out my mummy bubble and have started to put makeup back into to my daily regime.  I’m 23 years old (don’t judge me) and love that cat eye.  I’m looking for a great liquid pot. I don’t have the money to try a bunch of different ones so can you help me with a suggestion?  Thanks! D


I wish I could help you out here, but I can't, because I don't use ink pots. I've tried, I really have, but as soon as I get that fiddly little brush in my hands, performance anxiety kicks in, and it all goes to sh-t. What I am a fan of though is a liquid liner pen so T, if you're open to trying it I've got two stellar products for you.

Geisha Ink (get it here and here)
Sure, the name is teetering on being racially insensitive but I mean, Geishas do know how to draw a good sharp eye...? Anyway, what I love most about this product is that the tip of the pen is sturdy, precise, and most importantly, evenly soaked with the product.  If you're looking for a thin sweep this is by far the best brand I've ever used.  (Lainey: I use this too and have done for almost 2 years. It’s my favourite.)

Essence (get it here)
If you're looking for a cheapie but a goodie then you need to bust your ass to a drugstore and pick up their “I Love Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen”. This product is great for a bolder, fuller, defined look plus, it’s got major staying power – it stays in place and doesn’t fade all damn day.  Swish the pen from the middle of your eye and work your way out.  Once you make it to the outer edge take the side of your finger or a Q-tip and wing it out to your desired cat eye shape.

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