I've tried a lot of different products and I can't seem to get that face glow! Any idea or help with products? A


Remember when I wrote about this miracle potion for cold sores? It's a total life changer, so if you've been stricken with these mangy mouth sores then stop reading this for f-ck sakes and buy it now. Trust me, it’s mental how amazing it is.

So guess what? The woman who concocted this miracle also has an entire spread of equally amazing creams. I’ve been using them for a while and all I can to say is…..WHOA.

You want a tighter mug? Done. You want those garbage bags under your eyes gone? Done. You want to look like Angelina Jolie, well, yah, that’s never going to happen, BUT you can look real damn good and glowy with this stuff.

Here’s the dilly - you can go ahead and buy a pre-packaged deal here (1) which saves you some dough and allows you to try some of her most popular products. But I thought I would tell you what I use just in case you want in on my regime too.

In the morning and night, after I’ve given my face a good wash, I wet a cotton pad NOT A BALL with the Antiseptic Cleanser (2). Right away it purifies the day’s dirt and grime.

Sasha Finds Face Glow Options

Next I use the Firming Therapy (3). Rub a small amount into one area at a time because the effectiveness of the essences need to penetrate into the pores. You’ll feel the tightening kick in right away.    

Onto the eyes…..dab a tad of the Eye Therapy (4) under each peeper and that’s all she wrote.

Sasha Finds Face Glow Options

Finally, at night, I roll on the night serum before bed all over my face and neck (again, you only need a little bit) and I let that sh-t combat any sign of Benjamin Button.

Update:  The original code has now expired but I’ve got a new one for all of you out there. Plug in SUMMER13 and get free shipping off orders over 50 bones. xx

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