Sasha, I’m looking for a long fake fur vest, something like what Rachel Zoe always wears but on a budget.  Thanks P.


Since we’re talking vests, I might as well plug my column from a couple weeks back – check out my selects on some leather numbers here.  Okay, P, enough with the self-promotion, let’s get back to your request!

Obviously black is a no brainer and honestly, it’s probably your best bet if you want to get a lot of use out of it this season.  I’ve picked out a few great looks here, and here and here.

Next up, I’m seriously digging this brown and black color mix by Jones of New York.  I have to admit, I’m not dialed into fur terminology, so excuse me for butchering this, but I love the mild crimping treatment.  Oh and P, if you like this one get on it fast because ding! ding! ding! - it’s on sale!

Keeping with the multicolored theme peep out this seriously luxed out one by DKNY.  If you’re trying to channel your inner Rachel Zoe, this is the winner.  

Finally, on the opposite side of the color spectrum you can always cozy up in a winter white.  Get clicking here, here and for a little black and white zebra action check this one out by Betsey Johnson.