Sasha! I’m travelling Europe this summer and I’ve been looking for some comfortable shoes to walk all day in.  I’m thinking a flat espadrille that are cute too – need them to go with dresses, shorts and jeans.  This is where you come in….HELP! P

I get questions like this all the time and to be honest, I never know how to answer because unless you’ve got shoes made of marshmallows your feet will always feel like you’ve murdered them.  But P, you’re right; I’m thinking a flat espadrille will check off your cute and comfortable prerequisites.  So here are my picks!

If you’re headed to Europe then why not go with one of the continent’s most prestigious brands – Valentino. Check out this super lovely pair by  Red Valentino.

Stripes are not only mega on trend but they’re also a great neutral that will go with anything.  Click here and here.

When you’re walking all day you gotta let those dawgs breathe so why not strut it out in these mesh Stella McCartneys. 

Speaking of airing shi-t out…click here for a great pair of sandal espadrilles by Michael Kors.  I actually tried them on last week and I can attest to the comfort factor.

There’s nothing cuter in my opinion than some flirty, fun prints and P I’ve got a slew of styles coming at you here, and here, and here and here.

Finally, I leave you with Soludos. When it comes to espadrilles no one does it better, so P, click here and go to town!

Have a great trip! And for all of us losers not going anywhere, write me with all your LIFE + STYLE questions to [email protected].