Can you find basic, everyday leather strapped watch for under $200 a la my grandfather? Thank you! L

If you don’t have a dead grandparent to rip-off or a dad who had style back in the day not to worry because I’ve got some old man inspired  <doesn’t that sound chic?> watches coming your way.

In order to get that old school charm you want to look for the color pairing of brown and gold and this Pulsar watch is right on point, not to mention way under your budget. 

This Timex looks exactly like the one I stole from my stepdad (surprise Gary!) – I wear it all the time.  Love the big ass numbers and while it has a total vintage vibe you still get the modern day perk of an inner lighting function. 

I hit up ASOS and found a slew of styles, but I’ve narrowed it down to my two favorites - click here and here for some throwbacks.

Casio is still cool as hell and if you have a soft spot for the 80ss brand click here for a slick looking watch.

For a more refined look, check out this Kate Spade. I’m feeling the gold finish, the minimalist face and of course the cute touch of the iconic Spade. I know its eight bucks over your limit, but suck it up and pass on the Starbucks this week.

Happy shopping! Xx