There’s no denying the all-natural beauty boom and while I couldn’t be more elated to see this movement become more mainstream, it’s admittedly hard to weed out the good from the not so good. But hey, that’s what I’m here for, and after testing a few lines over the past few months, my latest obsession is Graydon Skincare.

This line of plant-powered ingredients will punch some serious botanical love into your skincare regime. From their brilliant shimmer tinted primer (which, btw smells f-cking amazing) …

…to the nutrient rich moisturizer for sensitive skin (you can use around your eyes as well!!!)…

…this collection is any beauty lover’s dream!

My standout, hands down, is the Keto Cleanse. It’s a cleansing oil that you can use before your regular face wash that melts all the grossness off your mug. I highly recommend. 

Have a great weekend and look out for next week - I found the most bombass all natural tanning water for your face. You're welcome in advance.

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