Quick request for Sasha - I'm in LOVE with the raincoat that Gwyneth is wearing. A

I’m happy to say that Gwyneth is showing some Canadian style pride because that coat is from Montreal label Mackage.  It’s got everything you’d want in a jacket – great length, a sweet hood and those padded leather accents totally make it special.  That’s one fine design that will be a lifer in your coat closet.

Now you should know by now that I have an intense love for anoraks so I’m just going to pretend you wanted me to show you some more options. Cool? Cool.

It all comes down to the details when you’re looking for a goodie and this Vince Camuto has all the right elements:  cool zippers, lots of pockets and of course some great drawstrings.  It will be mine.  
I’ve given love to this BEBE jacket before and I’m going to do it again.  While it pains me to admit I like something from this store, I’ve got to give it props because it’s a damn good looking jacket. Also, I’ve never known….is it BEE BEE or BAY BAY?  Actually, forget I asked.
Finally I leave you with three casual jackets that are great in style and also in price.  Get clicking here, here and here.