Hi there, I was wondering if Sarah could find those grey suede booties that your Gwynnie is sporting in a recent pic.  I've looked around, no luck! J


Sarah. Sasha.  I mean, they really don’t sound alike at all, but I appreciate you taking the time to make me feel special.  So fine J, if you don’t care about formalities then neither do I - let’s get this over with!  

Gwyneth is sporting some pretty gorge Laurence Dacade booties. I can’t seem to find the exact suede ones, but I did manage to find a beige leather pair here.  But J, I’d hate to fail you like you did with my name so I’ve sleuthed out some other styles that are decked out in grey!

If you don’t have a pair of flat ankle booties then you need to get on that program STAT.  I’ve found a couple of styles that are majorly on sale here and holy shit, here.

Now if you need a bit of height then no sweat; I’ve got a slew of options headed your way.  Click your heart away here, here, here, here, here and one more here.

Everyone is still enamored with those Isabel Marant Dickers.  They’re damn good, but they’re also damn expensive.  For some similar takes on this look get clicking here, here, and here.

Another lux’d out item on everyone’s wish list is the Chloe triple buckle bootie.  If you, like the majority of people in the world don’t have an extra 1300 bucks lying around then snap up this by Vince Camuto.

Finally, I got a lot of emails wondering about G’s jeans and J, just in case you wanted to know too she’s wearing these exact Rag & Bone’s.   So why not go all out with the brand and throw on some grey boots from the collection as well?  Click here and here to check ‘em out.