Hey Sasha, Please find Gwyneth's "willing to turn tricks for them" turquoise shoes. Thanks, L

The shoes are LV.  But I have some other style choices that are still worth whoring yourself out for, so let’s get at it.

Obviously the eye-catcher here is the hue of her heels and if you wanna cop the same color take a look at these perfectly pointed pumps by Kelsi Dagger.

Now, let’s move on to the metal capped toe on G’s heel because this trend warms the cockles of my heart.    

Black and white is a hot ass pairing and these Riley heels are right on point.  They’d look super slick with a pair of dark denim and a structured blazer.  

Keeping on the white tip, click here and here for two sky high heels each capped off with a different shade of metal.  

If you’re willing to play it up a bit then these ASOS striped heels are the way to go.  For a few more punches of pink click away here and here.  Come on, tell me you gasped a tiny bit at those Giambattista Vallis?

For something more work appropriate feast your eyes on these discounted Pradas or this neutral shaded pair by Reiss.

If you’ve got some money to burn and you’re looking for some plain black heels then YSL and Manolo Blahnik will never let you down.

Now if heels aren’t your thing and you’re looking for flats with the same capped toe flare, I’ve got you covered on that front as well – get clicking here, here, here, here  and here. Oh and for my ultimate pair feast your eyes on the Beau Coops Rosa Coton T-Bar flats.  Whoa.

Finally, a girl’s allowed to dream and right now I’m secreting for these mint sh-t ass amazing YSLs to come into my life.  Pray for me.