Hi Sasha, I *NEED* the white jacket that Gwyneth has on!!!


I knew all of you were going to freak as soon as Lainey posted about G’s jacket. Okay, so here’s the deal -- every site but one is sold out so on your marks…..get ready….GO (1)!

Now, if you miss out on the Iro style then this (2) dope Burberry one should fill the fashion void perfectly.

Gwyneth's Leather Jacket

With that out of the way I might as well hit you up with some other colored leather jackets that I’ve spotted around in Hollywood.  Cool? Cool.

A lot of you wrote in about Blake’s pink leather jacket here (3). I’ve searched endlessly but no luck. However if pink is what you want then I’m sure you’ll pop a boner over this (4) Phillip Lim.

Gwyneth's Leather Jacket

I can’t wear yellow, due to the whole Asian thing, but if you can pull it off then check out this (5) sunny hued motto style that’s a favorite of Megan Fox.   

If you like the color of the last one but want something cropped then cop this (6) Burberry one that Jessica Alba was snapped in last week.

Gwyneth's Leather Jacket

Keeping on the cropped tip check out this (7) buttery beige jacket that Hilary Duff wears all the 24/7.

Lastly, there’s always good ‘ol faithful black. Nicole Richie along with a bunch of style starlets have this (8) tough biker bomber hanging in their closets.

Gwyneth's Leather Jacket

Thanks for writing in and as for the rest of you keep sending your requests to [email protected].