Dear Sasha....Any way you might know where a girl could purchase the super cute bracelets Halle is wearing in this photo? Thanks! C

C, Halle’s arm party is by Orka Mesica and you can buy them directly from the site or from Blue Heaven.  No question they’re really cute, but you know me, I have to give you guys some other style options….

Let’s go cheap seeking.

I’m always embarrassed when I walk into Forever 21 because clearly I’m the oldest hag in there, but when you need cheap ass accessories it’s the place to hit up.  And C, they’ve got a bunch of assorted bangles for just over 5 bucks.  Put your hair in some pig tails and go get them.

Keeping with a natural aesthetic check out these goodies here.  While I was on this site I found this multi-strand bracelet that I thought I’d just throw into the mix because hey, who doesn’t love a good coral and turquoise mix?

If you’re willing to play it up a bit with some crystal beads, Kohl’s has a couple that you can mix and match on the cheap.  Click here to see the different color options.

I’m always up for some hippie spiritual sh-t and if you can get down with the patchouli too then look at this set of charmed bracelets.  

You know what’s coming next…an Etsy find.  LovePray is a really beautiful store stocked with beads galore.  If I were you I’d play around and do some mixing and matching.  

Great, for some reason all this bead talk is making me think about anal beads.  Gross. I have to go cleanse my mind – happy shopping!