Dear Sasha, I’m obsessed with houndstooth right now!  Can you pleaaasseee find my some cool clothes with this print.  I owe you! D


While I too love this print D, I’d suggest that you don’t go too overboard by having a closet full of houndstooth, but then again, who the f-ck am I to tell you what to do.  So here it goes, from top to bottom your wish is my command.

Starting with your top half!  Whether you want a peplum, a flirty blouse or a hella expensive tank.....I’ve got you covered. 

Cozying up this winter in a printed knit is the way to go and houndstooth is the perfect pattern to style things up, so get yourself clicking here, here, and here and one more here.

An easy way to embrace this bold print is with a dress, and I’ve found three standouts that you’ll love.  Peep your eyes here, and here, and here and oh YES! here.

Lastly, embrace your inner Gwen Stefani and hook your stems up with some houndstooth pants. Get clicking here, and here and my favorite here.