As you guys know by now the health shiz that I’ve been dealing with for the last while has centered around my eyes and because of that I haven’t worn a lick of eye makeup in a few years. I really miss it. I miss my eyeliner, I miss mascara, I miss f-cking eyeshadow. 

However, I have been feeling better and it’s been ILIA’s shadow sticks that have been my foray back into the beauty game. 

I love them! Right now I’m only dabbing a little in the outside corners of the lids on nights out but dudes, eye sh-t or no eye sh-t these shadow sticks are beautiful. The hues are rich in depth and tone, they go on like butta, they last without budging or creasing, oh oh oh and of course, all the ingredients are toxic free and yup, mostly organic. 

Next up for me…eyeliner. Stay Tuned. xx

ps. if you're ever in need of a great red lipstick - nothing, I mean NOTHING compares to ILIA's Crimson & Clover