Hi!  I'm totally obsessed with Jennifer Aniston's black saddle bag she has been carrying everywhere recently. Wonder if you have any recommendations for a more reasonably priced alternative? Thanks!! K

If you didn’t know the bag is Tom Ford and yes, is pretty damn perfect, but it’s also 4 Gs!  Good thing Jen has one in black and brown.  Jeez-us.  K, I don’t want to assume, but I think it’s safe to say that you can’t afford it, so let’s you and I find something else, okay?
If what caught your eye was the zipper detail then check this one out by Christopher Kon.  I know it’s not leather but it definitely has a similar feel to the Tom Ford. It would work great as an everyday and travel bag.

But fine, if you’re set on leather then this buttery black saddle bag by IRO would be perfect.      

Chain detail brings the same sort of design element as zippers, and I’m really digging this bag by….excuse me! Did Carlos Santana really design this? That gets points just for the being the most random thing in the world.  Props to Carlos!  K, all you need to do is fold over the handles, bust out the cross strap and you’ll be in business.

What’s a post without an Etsy find? I just stumbled on this bag from a store called Rib and Hull.  Streamline, simple and affordable.  

Finally, while we’re on the topic of great handbags I have to give love to Opelle Creative.  I know I’ve mentioned them before but they’re really really great. I just peeped the store to see what’s new and found this absolutely beautiful purse. F-ck Tom Ford, this is just as stellar!