Hi Sasha, I was wondering if you knew who makes the purse Jennifer Lawrence is wearing in these pics. I've become embarrassingly obsessed with it! Thanks C

Here's Jennifer's saddle bag in all its glory.  Oh what’s that?  You’re not rolling with an extra G in your pocket?  How sad.  But don’t worry, I’ve got your back with some cheaper options.

I’m high fiving myself for finding these Dooney & Burke bags.  I mean, they’re a pretty spot on match, but enough gloating. Check ‘em out here, here and here.

Now, if you can get down with a more equestrian feeling tote, ride it out here, here and here.

Finally if you’re willing to move into a more POW! color wheel I have some serious eye popping pieces coming your way.  Click away here, here and here.

C, if you didn’t find anything you loved here….I give up.