I have been looking for decent black boots for two years. TWO YEARS. Please help. I want something good for walking. I like the boots Jessica Biel is wearing at JFK. Is it possible for less than $200? E

A lot  of you wrote in freaking out about Biel’s boots so wait for it…..they’re Golden Goose and you can buy them at Barneys for oh, you know, no big deal, 1300.00.  Ouch, let’s pretend you didn’t just read that.  So E, I’ve done some searching and while the majority of my picks are under 200.00, I’ve snuck some other ones in that are a bit more… just in case you’re able to stretch your budget.   

I’ll start with a real bargain with these Kenneth Coles.  At 55 bones you can’t go wrong.  

You can always count on Nine West for some quality on trend shoes, and this boot is an example of that.  They won’t go out of style anytime soon.  (But they might sell out.)

For the peeps that have a few more dollars to drop, check out these great DKNY boots.  They’re more of a riding boot, but that’s kind of the same thing as a motorcycle boot, right?  Whatever, just go with it. And while we’re pretending they’re the same thing, check out these stellar boots by Halogen.

A lot of you have been asking for an ankle version of Jessica’s and for that, check out these great ones at Anthropologie.  

Hope this helps!  But you guys all know that this is the weekend for mega sales, right?  So if you can hold off until then, fingers crossed that all these boots will see a further price chop!  xx