A lot of requests came in for Jessica Biel’s burgundy booties, so of course I had to go on the search and find them for all of you.  And here they are. The bad news is that they’re sold out, but I bet if you stalk the closest Michael Kors store near you, you’ll luck out.  In the meantime I thought I’d fill the fashion void by finding some other laced up numbers…..ready? 

The whole appeal to JB’s shoes is that they’ve got that cool, casual desert boot vibe, but it’s that heel that figuratively and fashionably gives you a step up. I’ve found you some similar takes on exactly that - get your fingers clicking here, and here and here, and one more here.

If you want to ditch the heel and go for a wedge then no sweat, I got you.  Get clicking here, and here and here.

Just a reminder from last week’s post: cut-outs are going to be huge in footwear.  I, of course, had to find you a pair and ta-da! check out  the flyest little lace ups from Elizabeth & James right here.

Now, if you’re looking for something a tad dressier then going slicked out black is always a good call.  I’ve got two options for you here and here.

Finally, I just need to show you these Burberry’s because well, just look at them….

Hope you found something here that you loved!  Keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming to me here at [email protected]

*UPDATE: a bitch can be wrong on occasion and right now i'd be that bitch. Biel's booties are actually Chanel.