Omg Sasha! I'm in love with the dress Kate Beckinsale was wearing at the Spirit Awards (nominations)!! :o Can you find me some other options to?

The good news is that it’s a Tadashi Shoji dress from the spring 2012 collection so it should be available soon.  The bad news is that I think Kate f-cked this dress up bad.  I’ll give her points for not showing up in her usual ball gown, but this dress on the runway is SO much prettier and SO much more romantic than the way Kate wore it.  I hate how she’s hiked it up and it’s at least two sizes too small for her. I don’t know, it just screams Sirens 10 dollar rack to me.    

S, I don’t want to diss your taste because the dress in its natural state is gorgeous and you’re right on the money when it comes to lace. You’re going to see it everywhere so I’ve found some other dresses that I hope you like.

I’ll start off with a good copy-cat Kate look: peep out this Sam&Lavi dress. It’s pretty spot on with the cinched in waist, flowing sleeves and of course lace detail.  Plus, you can bet it’s gonna be a hella lot cheaper than the Tadashi Shoji.  

Keeping with the whole ivory/white color palette check out some seriously dreamy and delicate dresses right here, here and here.

Check out this Paper Crown number.  It’s one of those pieces that will save your life when all you want to do is gas up, flick a match and watch your closet burn to the ground.  

If you sometimes like to channel Florence Welch then you’ll get all cosmic love over this fantastic silk shirt dress.

I keep on meaning to buy some basics from Moon Apparel, but always forget but this red lace dress in the picture below is a good fashion reminder to hit the store!

Lastly for summer bright warm weather weekend looks get click happy here, here, here and here (scroll to picture 21).