Hi, I wanted to ask Sasha if she could help my friend find wedding shoes similar to the ones Kate Moss wore at her wedding last summer. She is totally fixated on these shoes, can you find anything similar? A

I hear of a lot of brides going outside the wedding shoe box for their big day - they want flashy and unique - which is cool, but I have to say I love that Kate Moss went the ‘bridal’ route.  She could have gone with all kinds of wacked out couture, but at the end of the day she picked a strappy white mid heel.  Easy.  So A, while I can’t find you an exact match I’ll try to get close.

The beauty of Kate’s design is that caged look and I’ve got two style ideals with a similar silhouette.  First check out this heel, no bias, called the “Sacha”. Click only on the dark silver and ivory colors.  Next is this Jessica Bennett heel - the bonus here is the 3 inch heel.  Your friend will still get some height, but not so much that’s she’s doing the pimp limp down the aisle.

The key to Kate’s strapped sandals is that she’s showing off some foot skin, sorry, I wish I could make that description sexier, but it is what it is.  And something like this  Glint sandal would be all kinds of hot ass.

Badgley Mischka is a great go-to for shoes so click here and here for some wedding foot bliss.    

If your friend is willing to look at something a bit more avant garde then take a peek at these Stuart Weitzmans.
Finally, a pair of Jimmy Choos will never do a sister wrong.  I know they aren’t white, but sh-t when a pair of heels looks this good, who the eff cares….