Watching the Grammy's, and the blonde woman singing with Glen Campbell, she is/was wearing a lark/swallow gold necklace/ chain... It is truly lovely!  Where, how?!

A lot of mail came in over this necklace so before the Grammys feel like a distant memory I’ll hit you up with the answer.  The dove necklace that Kimberly Perry was wearing is by Milka Jewelry.  You can buy it at Kismet at Fragments, but you’re going to have to cough up more than 8 bills for it.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a tad over my baller allowance so let’s find some alternatives, shall we?

Unless someone can prove otherwise this Max and Chloe necklace is the closest match I’ve found. And hey! You even get an extra dove for your buck.  And while I was on this site I came across another great necklace.  Sure, it’s not really anything you asked for, but I love it and it’s got a bird of some sort, right? Just go with it.   

Next up is this cute little love bird necklace that The Tis happens to be a fan of.  I like that the chain sits a bit longer so that you can layer up with some other chains and charms.

I’m really drawn to the kind of plate style necklace, you know, where the pendant sits straight across your chest.  There’s just something interesting and kinda hot about how it looks and this Rachel Miriam sparrow pendant is doing it for me.  

Speaking of sparrows I have to end on one of my favorite songs and scenes from Sister Act 2. F-ck Lauryn Hill is impeccable in this movie.