I don’t generally like Kirsten Dunst’s style but I love that headpiece she had on in Cannes.  Can you find it? I owe you!  L

How do I say this without sounding like an asshole?  It’s heavenly.  Yup, asshole-y.  Anyway L, it’s awesome and of course it is because it’s Dolce & Gabbana.  Who knows how much that thing costs?  I don’t even want to hurt my feelings to find out, so let’s find you some other styles.

Free People is the one-stop shop for all things noveau hippy and they have three dreamy flower power headpieces – get to clicking here, here and here.

What I like the most about Kirsten’s is the cool mix of harsh metal with the soft florals.  If you’re down with that too click here and here for some similar design pairings.  

If you want straight up rhinestones and beads then look no further than this beauty Deepa Gurnani and this super cheapo one from Forever 21. 

L, your letter was a good excuse for me to hit up ETSY and I of course found a great store called Serenity Crystal.  Peruse all the headpieces to find your favorite, but I’m going to be pushy and show you mine.

I’ve given Jennifer Behr (Lainey: Who, by the way, designed Sasha’s wedding headpiece that was featured in the NEW YORK TIMES. Click here to see the photo of Sasha.) plenty of fashion head over her headpieces. She totally deserves it.  And for some everyday floral in your life check out this satin rosette wrap.

Finally, if you’re a big DIY’er then this savvy blogger shows you how to hot glue a D&G look-a-like one for yourself.  If you actually do this and it turns out, will you pretty please make one for me too? Thanks.