I am in love with the shirt Kristen Bell wore on Ellen. Please help with my shirt hunt? M

M, I bumped you up on my answer list for two reasons:  1) I’m madly and deeply in love with hearts on clothes and 2) I don’t know how long my newfound affection for Kristen is going to last so before I get my hate on back for her let’s do this.

The top she was wearing on Ellen is the Rebecca Taylor's Ikat tunic.  And if you want it in a short sleeve version or a camisole check it out here and here.

Now let’s find some more heart prints to fuel my obsession….

Duana texted me a snap shot of this blouse from the new J Crew catalogue. I actually gasped and then immediately bought it. See? It’s a problem.

Sonia Rykiel has an affinity for hearts in her designs and this blouse is just, well, look at it.  Enough said.  And while we’re on the topic of designers who have a hard on for hearts, I clearly have to mention Comme des Garcons.

For some heart stopping casual pieces here’s a cardigan, a cozy knit sweater, an adorable nautical pullover and a great sheer blouse.   

Finally I knew my people over at Yes Style wouldn’t let me down. Click here and here.

*Just an update on my schedule:  My day job is hitting a crazy busy time with award season so I’ll be back next Thursday with another fashion post. Then I’m off on a week vacation, but that doesn’t mean you should stop sending me your life and style questions.  Hit me up at [email protected] .